Our promise

Boost training impact and return on investment

Nearly 90% of sales directors consider skills development (training, coaching) to be a major lever for performance, while highlighting the need to:

  • Better adapt to the evolutions of the ‘sales job’ with true account managers fully responsible of customer satisfaction, able to mobilize and valorize all the skills of the company around his client portfolio, and make full use of all available technologies.
  • Increase its impact on sales and profitability, through the performance of the training and coaching initiatives, by increasing the mobilization of managers placed at the center and by precisely measuring the level of change and the results generated

Our approach

A strong focus on results,
around innovative multimodal courses
that combine training and operational coaching.

A strong expertise in the following areas:

Key Account Management

  • Management & development of key accounts
  • Strategy & account Plan
  • Leadership development
  • Relationship management

Sales Management

  • Sales team management & motivation
  • Sales coaching
  • Distribution network management

Sales Techniques

  • Sales techniques
  • Account management
  • Value selling
  • Targeting & action plans
  • Mastering CRM


  • Negotiation techniques
  • Negotiation with power-buyers
  • Negotiation with strategic accounts


  • Prescriptive selling
  • Project management

A 4-step approach to ensure the right balance between learning, motivation and effectiveness:


  • Validation of objectives, expectations and starting point
  • “In-vivo” discovery of field practices
  • Upstream evaluation of the level of participants


  • Design of the training, coaching & field support programs
  • Definition of program animation & motivation system
  • Identification of KPIs for result measurement


  • Implementation of the training program (classroom sessions, workshops, e-learning) and post-training evaluation
  • Systematic implementation of case studies, role-plays and interaction with guest experts

Coach & Measure

  • Downstream evaluation of learning & operational practices levels
  • Implementation of field coaching sessions to maximise change and anchor best practices
  • Result measurement based on KPIs

Our difference

A result-driven approach, with a
systematic measurement of training & coaching impact on sales
& change in practices

No ‘born trainers’, but true practitioners with experience in operational sales functions in different business sectors, in B2B and B2C.

People Development & Team Performance

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