Our promise

Grow your topline and get the best
possible return on sales force investment

We work on sales effectiveness because it is the foundation of everything. 67% of Top Managers & CSOs admit that it is key in achieving their growth target, with 3 areas generating the highest uplift:
• Improvement immature sales methodologies, processes and behaviors
• Ability to attract, retain and grow sales talents
• Ability to use sales technology to target and develop better customer accounts

Sales effectiveness is about deeper customer insight, better customer coverage, higher impact sales interactions and increased focus on performance. It is not about a “bright and shiny sales force”, but rather a combination of moves that results in a substantial improvement of key sales activities both in terms of quality & quantity.

Our approach

We embed market leading skills and processes into
our clients’ organizations and deliver development programs that seek
to make lasting change in practices.

We typically apply the following approach in 4 stages, focusing on what matters most: sales cycle acceleration, improved account penetration and churn reduction, value selling, cross & upselling, talent retention & development…


  • Conduct in-depth diagnostic of current sales performance and practices (using Sales Scan® analytics)
  • Identify key improvement levers & derive action priorities
  • Share results with management & key sales leaders
  • Develop an operational & result oriented action plan


  • Design sales improvement program or new ‘way of selling’
  • Define KPIs for result measurement
  • Integrate new practices in key sales systems (CRM,…)
  • Design change management approach
  • Design ‘core’ training, field coaching & on-the-top system


  • Prepare Roll-out plan, communication and messaging
  • Mobilize opinion leaders & local relays to own and facilitate implementation
  • Prepare & deploy operational launch workshop, so-called “Sales weeks” with operational sales & marketing teams

Roll-out & Support

  • Deploy the sales effectiveness journey or new “way of selling” with targeted teams

– Train Sales Managers & Sales teams
– Provide on-the-job coaching to implement local action plans and produce results
– Implement precise and “down-to-earth” performance measurement

Our difference

A result-driven approach, always taking into
account the challenge of change management

A team of highly experienced consultants, both highly innovative and operational, all having concretely tackled the challenges that our clients are facing, in both B2B and B2C environments.

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