Our promise

Leverage the full potential of pricing

Pricing is a clearly under-exploited lever, often perceived as a complex and technical discipline, difficult and costly to implement. It is also a fairly new approach on which 87% of companies still feel they need to make significant progress.

Pricing projects, which are often addressed by technology, often fail on implementation and specifically on taking into account the sales teams in the process, whereas they remain the key player on value selling and price negotiation in B2B environments

Our approach

A very pragmatic approach aiming at
building the conditions for a flawless execution
by the sales teams.

A will to anchor the approach in the real world, to work in stages, each producing concrete results and to set up clear and effective responsibilities and governance.

Understanding of starting parameters

  • Business model, product offering
  • Value creation, pricing power
  • Pricing: model, activities, processes
  • Buying & selling practices
  • Client segmentation

Process & Technologies

  • Market information gathering
  • Price framing & prescription
  • Operational sales tools
  • Price coherence & integrity
  • Price analytics & optimization

Organisation & gouvernance

  • Roles & Activities
  • Strategic Governance
  • Operational Monitoring
  • Reporting & KPIs
  • Crisis & Events management

Models & Policies

  • Pricing structures
  • New product pricing
  • Pricing policies
  • Promotions & contracts
  • Pricing of services

Mobilization & Change

  • Deconstruction of pre-conceived ideas
  • Training & Coaching
  • Execution ‘Runs’
  • Incentive & Remuneration rules
  • Leaders involvement

Our difference

Expert and operational consultants,
rapid results production via execution ‘runs’

All of our consultants have managed sales forces, elaborated and executed business strategies, conducted sales or marketing excellence programs, advised and accompanied leaders in the transformation of their organizations.
We combine strong pricing skills with a pragmatic mindset. We never wait for the ‘big night’ where all ‘capabilities’ would be available, but are committed to producing tangible and timely results.

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