Our promise

Instill an agile leadership within your
entire sales organisation

Most of our clients have developed talent development programs, often focused on developing knowledge and skills. Faced with ever-changing markets, increasingly volatile and hard-to-commit customers, and the explosion of technologies, these programs must be adapted at an ever faster pace to avoid getting obsolete, and it becomes critical to develop behavioral agility, commitment, responsibility and the ability to set a clear vision and motivate the team. It’s about leadership, from top management to field sales teams in their interactions with customers.

Our approach

Through assessment, training and coaching,
we help leaders accept their leadership responsibilities
and hold themselves accountable for their actions and results,
as well as the development and results of their teams.

Individual development

  • Leadership competences
  • Leadership style
  • Understanding of accelerators & inhibitors

Team Development

  • Team dynamics & collaboration
  • Conflict resolution
  • Enablement of performance (alignment on priorities, clarification of roles, collaboration principles, cultural differences)
Change Management
  • Learning how to enact the change in the organization
  • Alignment on desired goals & rewards
  • Definition of involvements levels
  • Leadership roles & areas

Our difference

A very operational vision of leadership, focused on
maximizing behavioral agility and ability
to manage change.

A team of consultants combining the experience of management functions and a strong human resources background acquired in major companies or consulting firms, all of them certified coaches.

People Development & Team Performance

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