Our promise

Support our clients from strategy to effective
recruitment of their distribution partners

In a recent study by Powering, 80% of CCOs and CSOs consider that their distribution network development (distributors, partners, franchisees, dealers, affiliates, etc.) is not fast enough, and 65% confirm that too many distribution partners don’t deliver the expected results.
Distribution network development is a difficult ‘art’, requiring a very precise and rigorous methodology, a detailed understanding of the client environment, advanced analytical and technological capabilities (geomarketing, data analytics, simulation) and a detailed database of key channel players and of their level of performance and potential.
This is exactly what we offer our customers, producing result acceleration and reduction of development costs (typically between 15 and 25%).

Our approach

A comprehensive approach of distribution network development,
in a consulting or fully outsourced mode.


  • Network development strategy definition / assessment
  • Definition of Ideal Network Plan & Territory Coverage
  • Feasibility analysis

Potential & Location Analysis

  • Geomarketing potential & catchment area analysis
  • Identification & evaluation of optimal locations
  • Elaboration of business plans

Property / Shop Search & Negotiation

  • Specification of key land / property / shop parameters
  • Identification & evaluation of opportunities
  • Negotiation with key stakeholders

Partner Targeting, Sourcing & Recruitment

  • Partner Identification & Targeting (50million+ database)
  • Definition of Partnership system & recruitment tools
  • Outsourcing of partner recruitment

Our difference

A team gathering all necessary skills and technologies,
and a unique database of more than
50 million distributors & business partners

A unique mix of competencies working hand-in-hand to accelerate our clients’ developments, from data analysts to distribution partner recruiters, sharing the same objectives and incentives, united by their obsession of success.

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