Our promise

Improve your sales velocity, sales mix and
level of end customer satisfaction

With the increasing transformation, digitalization and consolidation of distribution channels across industries, channel management is under pressure!
Customers demand greater value, complete solutions and customized buying experiences, and will switch suppliers and channels if their needs are not met. New business models and technology-enabled selling disrupt traditional channel partners, as new concepts and formats spring up like mushrooms.
We help our clients evaluate effectively their channel and partners performances, as well as prioritize their investments and capabilities where it matters most.

Our approach

We assess channel performances, identify improvement levers,
develop effective capabilities and operational
partner programs to deliver short-term impact
on sales performances

We have deep expertise and provide operational solutions in the following areas:

  • Evaluate current channel organization and channel partners (performances and contribution, adaptation to market and customer landscape / requirements, territory coverage…)
  • Benchmark current channel organization with competition and emerging business models
  • Improve the allocation of marketing spend and resources to optimize sales channels contribution and ROI, across product portfolios, target segments and geographic regions
  • Leverage existing channel partnerships to upsell additional higher margin products and services
  • Identify channel diversification needs, new formats or business models requirements and how to integrate within the existing configuration
  • Identify opportunities and relevant initiatives to improve customer service and intimacy
  • Develop and implement comprehensive partner programs to manage the partner lifecycle
  • Design and implement effective channel incentives to maximize performances and partner loyalty

Our difference

A solid operational experience of
operational channel management, combined with
a result-based remuneration system.

A team of highly specialized channel management consultants, with dual experience in industrial and distribution sectors, implementing very sharp performance analysis tools and systematically ‘prototyping’ initiatives to test their efficiency.

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