Our promise

Develop the performance
and contribution of key accounts

The challenges of managing key and strategic accounts at the time of digitization are numerous, even among companies that have been successful on KAM: institutionalize best processes, recruit, develop and retain real KAM experts, and practice a truly collaborative innovation focused on the development of a measurable value both internally and by the client.
At the same time, according to a recent study by SAMA, the best performers on KAM achieve 50% higher growth levels, and use KAM as the spearhead of their differentiation and innovation.

Our approach

A very operational and incremental approach
aimed at setting up or strengthening the management of key
and strategic accounts


  • Support the execution of the strategy
  • Focus resources on truly strategic customers,
  • Strengthen the coherence of KAM operations, systems and practices
  • Accelerate profitable growth and increased resilience in crisis situations
  • Enhance the overall portfolio of skills and customer focus
  • Develop collaboration and attractiveness for talents


  • Challenge strategy and value propositions
  • Improve KA segmentation & clarify the concept of key account / strategic account in the context of the company
  • Analyze organization, operational practices and available skills
  • Define a realistic roadmap for the design and deployment of the new KAM program (or its improvement)
  • Training and support for KAM teams
  • Development of account plans focusing on relationship and influence management
  • Implement tools for measuring progress and results at account and KAM program levels
  • Develop a KAM Competency Framework and a Competence Development Program
  • Manage change

Our difference

The combination of expertise, pragmatism and
technology, to produce fast results and boost
the value perceived by key accounts

A team of passionate and operational KAM international experts, all having long functional and operational experience in major companies, fueled by a permanent dialogue with the world KAM community and at the forefront of useful digital technologies (analytics, specialized CRM)

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