Our promise

Start using your CRM system as a weapon to
deliver more value to your customers

We made in the recent years a sad statement: roughly 75% of our clients are underwhelmed by what their expensive CRM have actually been able to deliver, very far from initial expectations. Their CRM doesn’t really help them get closer to their customers, as marketing and sales teams often don’t trust the system and consider it a pure waste of time.
In fact, most companies see CRM as a tool, which reduces their ability to use it to gain superior understanding of their customers and then address their needs much better than their competitors do. The answer is clearly not to replace the system, but to enhance the CRM adoption and implement rapidly impactful changes.

Our approach

A simple approach aiming at focusing more the CRM
on the true creation of value for the sales team and at managing change to ‘win back the people’.

4 areas to review and optimize, to improve impact, deliver concrete improvements and facilitate change:

Customer focus
& impact measurement

  • Alignment with company
    strategy & objectives
  • Reflexion of customer buying & engagement process
  • Measurement of CRM impact
    on sales & customers


Insight generation

  • Performance reservoir
  • Predictive & prescriptive
  • Customer portfolio
    coverage analysis

User experience

  • User configuration
    & ease-of-use
  • Add-on high
    impact functionalities
  • Visual & practical

Motivation & Change

  • Measurement of perception
    & satisfaction
  • Best practice
    sharing & gamification
  • Integration within sales
    training & coaching programs

Our difference

A customer-centric vision of CRM, implemented by sale specialists well aware of what makes the difference
for the sales force and the customers

Our consultants are sales and marketing experts, mastering most of the CRM tools on the market and high value add-on functionalities. They combine a true obsession for value creation with a field experience that makes the difference when it comes to winning he hearts or sales people.

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