Our promise

Develop trust, commitment and empowerment to manage
successful commercial transformations

The reasons for changing are numerous (new strategy, merger or reorganization, profound changes in markets, technological breaks, digitalisation …) and the ability to change quickly becomes essential. Again, few transformations are achieving their goals in a sustainable way.
Team trust and commitment are the two most needed resources and yet these are the most difficult to secure. Nothing is granted, and success comes from the ability to build a culture of change, in a profound and not in a piecemeal way, project by project.

Our approach

A co-construction approach, starting from the management
team, clarifying the objectives, the stakes and
the individual and collective benefits, and involving key relays and catalysts.

An action organized around 3 key stages:

Understanding & Validation

  • Company values ​​and strengths, as well as the market context in which it operates (building on solid foundations)
  • Objectives and transformation strategy, with the executive committee or the team concerned (clear and tangible vision)

Definition & Planning

  • Expected results, both quantitative (business) and qualitative (behavior, collaboration, culture)
  • Individual and collective benefits (connecting individual and company success)
  • Initiatives to be carried out, as well as relays and pilots in the organization, responsible for the facilitation and mobilization
  • Specific schedules for each initiative (avoid delays, modify the work plan or ‘stop’ if necessary an initiative when necessary)

Animation & Implementation

  • Implementation of the animation system (dedicated application Change Inside) and indicators for measuring progress and results
  • Day-to-day support for key pilots and relays, as well as teams, through training, individual or group coaching, practice sharing or co-development.

Our difference

A co-construction approach based on the recognized
core values and assets of the company,
and translating the transformation into a human project

A deep experience of sales transformations in various contexts, a desire to build a true culture of change, and a precise measurement of the results achieved in relation to the objectives set at the start.

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