Our approach

We activate the most effective levers to grow our clients sales and profitability

We DO IT by applying again and again our very pragmatic
3-step approach to deliver results, not just ideas:
powerful insights from the deep and pragmatic analysis of our clients key quantitative and qualitative data in 3 strategic areas: sales & channel performance data, sales force activities, client satisfaction and purchase behaviors,
relentlessly the most relevant and effective initiatives, prioritize them based on their impact and implementability, and then produce very operational action plans to be implemented by the sales and marketing teams,
the execution of actions plans by improving the behaviors of our clients’ teams, working side by side with them to conduct change in mindset and practices.
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A real striking force & a strong experience

Consultants, trainers and coaches at international level
Sales transformation programs in multiple industries
Managers trained and coached
Distributors or sales partners recruited

Our team

Profile, DNA & Values

All Powering consultants, sales developers, trainers and coaches have practical and very senior sales & distribution experience (12 years minimum) in various positions at well-known international companies and brands.

Whatever their background and nationality, they all are very hands-on people, sharing the same passion for execution, obsession of result and practical sense. They also bring innovative ideas and authority, daring to say things and always raising the bar.

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